March 22, 2017

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The Board of Managers of the Walker County Hospital District, Walker County, Texas met in a regular session, open to the public, Wednesday, March 22, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. at Huntsville Memorial Hospital, Huntsville, Texas.

Members of the Board present included:

Chairman, Anne Woodard
Vice Chairman, Dr. Curtis Montgomery
Secretary, Jerry Larrison
Manager, Robert Hardy

Absent from meeting was Manager, Judy Emmett.

Also in attendance were: Keli Molina, WCHD Administrative Assistant; Joe Henderson, WCHD’s Attorney; Don Johnson, HMH Board; Brenda Strama, Attorney with BBS Law Office; Janice Davis, Bracewell Law Office; Jonathan Church, Hilltop Securities; Michael G. Ethridge, Field representative for Congressman Kevin Brady’s Office and Shannon Brown, CEO, HMH.

Agenda Item #1: Call meeting to order.

Chairman Woodard called the meeting to order at 6:10 p.m.

Agenda Item #2: Consider approving the minutes for the Regular Meeting held on February 22, 2017.

Mr. Hardy made a motion to approve the minutes for the meeting. The motion was seconded by Dr. Montgomery.  The motion passed by unanimous vote.

Agenda Item #3: Comments from the public.  If you wish to address the Board of Managers, please register prior to the meeting being called to order.

Michael G. Ethridge current field rep for Congressman Kevin Brady stopped by to hand out contact information for Mr. Brady and also make sure we didn’t have any questions on the Affordable Healthcare Act. Mr. Ethridge covers 7 out of 9 counties.          

Agenda Item#4: Receive and discuss asbestos removal report and future demolition of Ella Smither Building.

Attorney Mr. Joe Henderson said the Walker County Hospital District would have to receive bids for the demolition of the Ella Smither Building.

Agenda Item#5: Executive Session: The Board of Managers will convene in closed session pursuant to Government Code Sections 551.071 and 551.072 to consult with the District’s financial advisors and legal counsel for an update on progress and issues concerning the pending sale or lease of real estate including, but not limited to, operations and transactional matters on the proposed sale or lease of the Huntsville Memorial Hospital facilities.

No action contemplated.

Chairman Woodard adjourned the executive session, and announced there was no action to be voted on.

Agenda Item#6: Reconvene: Open Session for remainder of agenda items

Chairman Woodard announced that the meeting was reconvening to regular open session for the remainder of the meeting.

 Agenda Item#7: Discuss and Approve Directors & Officers Insurance for WCHD Board Members from Rollo Insurance.

WCHD has not received any Quotes yet with the pricing of the director and officers insurance.

Agenda Item#8: Consider approving payment of indigent care bills.

Keli Molina gave the Indigent care report. The indigent Care Bills total for this month was $18,299.09.  Dr. Montgomery made a motion to pay the indigent care bills as presented.  The motion was seconded by Mr. Larrison. The motion passed by unanimous vote.        

Agenda Item#9: Review and consider approving the monthly financial report.

The Statement of Revenues & Expenditures for the month ending February 2017 was presented by Keli Molina. The Revenue for the month was $795,330.55 and expenditures were $ 616,240.53. Mr. Larrison made a motion to approve the financial report as presented.  The motion was seconded by Dr. Montgomery. The motion passed by unanimous vote.

Agenda Item #10: Consider approving payment of monthly bills.

Monthly bills in the amount of $18,299.09 were presented by Keli Molina.

Mr. Hardy made a motion to pay the monthly bills as presented.  The motion was seconded by Dr. Montgomery.  The motion passed by unanimous vote.

Agenda Item #11: Approve the recording of March 2017 budgeted indigent care expense in the amount of $576,664.00.

Mr. Montgomery made a motion to approve recording the monthly indigent care expense. The motion was seconded by Mr. Hardy. The motion passed by unanimous vote.

Agenda Item #12: Consider giving approval to Walker County Appraisal District to accept the bids received on the properties in trust owned by the taxing jurisdictions.

None at this time.

Agenda Item #13: Comments and reports from managers and HMH administration.

No comments.

Agenda Item #14: Adjourn meeting.

There being no further business, Chairman Anne Woodard adjourned the meeting at 8:10 P.M.



Chairman Anne Woodard

Walker County Hospital District


Attest: _______________________________

Jerry Larrison, Secretary

Walker County Hospital District